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As a florist in Coffs Harbour, we actively support local farms by sourcing sustainably grown flowers in our area. Our flower arrangements are perfect for any occasion and can be easily ordered online. Additionally, we also offer Same-Day delivery to select locations.

Flowers with personality

Our floral arrangements are carefully designed by our talented florists. As a result, our floral creations are truly unique and beautiful. We always strive to please all our customers with truly beautiful flower arrangements reflecting them and their personality. 

Pansabella Coffs Harbour - Bee Icon
"I dreamt of a place filled with all the things I love most in the world, of freshly cut flowers, gourmet food and beautiful coffee. I wanted this place to be filled with happy people to look a little bit french, but to feel a lot like home. Some dreams do come true."
Kristi Bee 2009


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