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Tokyo Temple Tokyo Temple
Tokyo Temple
A pastel bunch of tonal pink flowers and rustic foliage. Photos are of a MEDIUM bunch.
L - $150 Medium - $95
Pastel perfection Pastel perfection
Pastel perfection
Regular price $85.00
A stunning bunch of hand selected florals Curated to give a big impact and to ensure longevity...
Caramel husk Caramel husk
Caramel husk
A beautiful hand tied boquet featuring dried palm fronds, cream ruskus, pussy tails and other ...
S - $75 M - $95 L - $120

Sympathy flowers for showing support during hard times

Expressing your feelings in a time of hardship is a loving gesture that anyone will appreciate. Showing you care can make an everlasting impression, especially in times of extremely unfortunate events such as a funeral, serious accident or ailment. Flowers have always and will always be a highly appreciated expression of loving support. 

Our collection of flowers is also suitable for lesser serious events as well, such as a simple get well soon, thinking of you or showing general support. We have carefully designed this collection to reflect emotional support and empathy. 

Funeral flowers & floral arrangements 

We will work with you closely to organise the funeral flower arrangements that you require. Organising a funeral is an extremely hard and a very emotional time that is very stressful. We provide a stress-free experience, taking the lead in order to provide the very best service and to help reduce unneeded stress.

We provide many different types of flower arrangements for funerals, from casket flowers to wreaths and everything in between. If you're looking for custom floral arrangements, call our expert florists and we will work with you to provide florals that suit your needs.

If you're looking for a simpler and easier solution, you can also purchase any bouquet of flowers on our website that you require and have them delivered to the location of your choice.